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Brianna wrote:

Diana got us ready for our first dance for our wedding. She was wonderful, and made it so easy for us. We had no prior dance experience, and not only did she choreograph a beautiful dance that impressed our family and friends, but we had a blast working with her. We will refer her to everyone! You can't go wrong with Diana :) Thank you for EVERYTHING Diana!! 

Ashley wrote:

Diana taught us the rumba for the first dance at our wedding. She was such a joy to work with every week, and was very encouraging and patient with us, especially since my husband has two left feet! At our wedding everyone said it was the best first dance they've ever seen and we had such a blast! Thanks Diana.

Lauren wrote:

Taking dance lessons can be nerve-wracking! Diana made us feel at ease AND made each dance so easy to follow that taking lessons was a blast. I never expected it to result in ACTUALLY learning enough (including how to follow) to be able to dance in public but I did. We enjoyed it so much we are taking lessons from her again! Diana is fantastic!

Ryan wrote:

My wife and I took lessons with Diana for our first dance at our wedding. She was an excellent teacher and she was happy to work around our busy schedule. She adjusted her teaching style to help us achieve our goal of looking great for our wedding day. She didn't overwhelm us with technique at the beginning, but first taught us the entire routine and then helped us polish our technique up until the big day!

Mika wrote:

Diana is an amazing patient, caring and intuitive instructor. We are going to hire her for our wedding and we aren't even engaged yet! Take her class and learn how to dance. She makes it easy, I swear.

Hailee wrote:

My husband and I had no prior dance experience and wanted to look at least presentable for the first dance at our wedding. Diana was so patient with us and I am so glad to work with her. She made every moment count and went over even the slightest movements in posture or arms movement to make us even more presentable for our dance. She even emailed us moves for the dance in case we needed a reminder and helped video record us. Looking back from our first session to the videos from our wedding, we've gone a long way! We received a lot of compliments for our first dance and our videos turned out even better than we expected. I would highly recommend choosing Diana, you can't go wrong.

Annette wrote:

We love how Diana breaks dance moves down for different learning styles. She never makes people feel like they are slow learners... she just dives in deeper to get her message across until you're dancing across the floor. Sweet gal... you will love her!

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